Turmeric is our Superhero

In any wound, fever, digestion related problem turmeric is always used and it is the first priority of Indian Mothers. Turmeric is the most powerful medicine 

Do you know

1. 80% Turmeric production is from India. In which West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pardesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerela. Their is one place named sangli in Maharshtra which is the hub of turmeric production and Manjal in Tamil Nadu. In 2012, 7300 tonnes was exported from India.

2. 5000 years ago Turmeric was used for colouring of clothes than around 2500 years ago Turmeric being used as medicines,in cooking, culture and Festivals.

3. In 2007 export of turmeric from India got doubled.

4. Nearly farming of turmeric is done in 1,90,000 hectors of India.

American realized turmeric power in 20th century, when Indian Curry got popular in America and Britian whereas Indian mother used to give (Turmeric) haldi milk popularly known as Golden Milk, to their sick child.

Culture Turmeric Use

1. South Indian apply Turmeric paste outside their homes to protect entering germs inside their homes.
2.Even in Hindu Marriages turmeric is applied to groom and bride face as it helps in treating skin problems and used to make fairer skin. 

Turmeric has 46 synonyms, each is named after turmeric benefits such as turmeric is used for fairness= Gori. In sanskrit Turmeric is known as haridra i.e Hari. Hari is also name of Lord Vishnu. 

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