Recrimination in Tweet: Keju soars high with powerful tweets

Tweeting game within politicians is quiet inexplicable. But Mr. Arvind kejriwal is always on the hit list. where he keep on his hobby for tweeting is continuous. Rather than being productive and liberal, AK is the one who has no job except filling in what BJP Party is planning to degrade AAP-Party. And in his recent tweet he says, Punjab situation is quiet bad, because Punjab Government is conspiring to distribute drugs, just by watching a movie(udta punjab). It seems Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is not IIT, but an ITI. Their is a sullen request from delhi people to keju, draw your mind with a thought to eradicating drugs from Punjab. Rather than giving review how drugs has mulishly entered in Punjab.

Their is always an impasse difference between Modi and Kejriwal perception. Modi always carry to take India together in each milestone he cross, whereas Kejriwal seethe with BJP positive impact.