Missing Roomies: Permanent Roomates

Permanent Roommatesis one of the Hindi show that imbibes humor, sarcasm and best of situational comedy. Best show on Indian TV after sarabhai vs sarabhai.. May be even better than that. The writing is so simple yet beautiful. The actors acting in PR is just incalculabe. Mikesh and Tanya has just come across new level of acting and writer Biswapati Sarkar is provision, in each episode it tought us to bind ourselves with a four letter word 'LOVE'.

It's been darn quiet in youtube or at tvf app for permanent roommates lovers. All the fans out their are smitten, and innocuous requesting to make a fidget to draw season 3 of Permanent Roommates.
Permanent Roommates is totally a break from daily mundane drama. Perhaps this generations needs more visionaries like these.

Roomies fans are going to miss all the non-sense tho humurous dialogue.

This was an epic performance.

How in this episode he was not ready to accept any nauseating factor.

 It was a novice in showing world what this gen perception detours. Totally take many heart away. Cant wait long for another season of Roomies.