Rasgulla/ Rosgulla History

Bengali sweet has their own charm in world but RASGULLA do not require any identity,with name we revive it sweetness and structure. RASGULLA is made of only 2-3 ingredients i.e Sugar and Chenna (panner/indian cheese). 

Chinese 'Mac Huan' has also wrote about various Bengali Sweets as he was so tempted he could not resist himself from writting.We can learn about various Bengali sweets such as Kheer, Rabadi, Modak, Jalebi in CHANDIMANGAL KAVYA Literature (16th century) but we will still not learn about RASGULLA in that book.

Aryavanshi pray sacred cow. Thus,things they render from cow such as milk is tend to be pure. In that era, when milk get fermented myth got filled that if they will consume fermented milk they will than have to face many consiquences. In 1498A.D Bussiness merchants from Portuguese and Eurasian they had established their industry in Bengal, gradually their population got rasied more than 5000,as a result ammendments in bengali dishes came such as they love paneer which eventually lead Bengali cook nown as 'moir' to use paneer in thier dishes.

Where Satyajit Ray and Rabindra Nath Tagore raised bengal name through there talent in the world ,same as them Nobin Chandra Das introduced RASGULLA ,but still RASGULLA does not got much popularity,you will now be thinking,"how RASGULLA has earned name in world?"
Thanks to 'Bhagwaan Baghla' who was Marwadi (Rajasthan,India) met Nobin Chandra Das where he tasted RASGULLA offered by Chandra Das, he than started trading RASGULLAS.

How to make Rasgulla click this link and enjoy it.