Arjun from Mahabharat was gay,is that matter?

Was taken aback when i heard that arjun had spent a year as kinar and the reason is wholly preplexed. Urvashi was attracted by Arjun aura for she asked him to spend life along with her, Arjun instead call her as his mother, being rejected she felt disheartend and cursed him to be a eunuch and spend his life by singing and dancing. Later on the request by Indra she alter the curse to one year. 

After hearing such news my few colleagues statement were they are meant to do dance and sing they have attained themselves by this identity only. It is quite disturbing do they really meant to be like this, but as we have perceived that being LGBT is quite disrespectful, other will not give you space to be 'You' (LGBT). My question is being LGBT is disrespectful and thus they hide their identity as they do not want to go through discreetness. 

I wonder, why this interpretation is disrespectful?  Arjun(Brihannala) even after he spent his life as kinar and fulfill his job being a great teacher of dance and music, to princess Uttara of Virata Kingdom. Being LGBT is not disrespectful they are not meant to hide their identity infact they should be proud of what they are, even they have jobs to perform, is Arjun has not done his job well?