Concede Ellen is the best of what she is. Lesbian

Ellen DeGeneres is known for his popular talk show host, comedian is a wholesome, easy breezy personality, but beaneth her their lies amazing girl who with a courage in 1997 came out as lesbian with result she got into depression but taking those statements innocuous she made a comeback and now she earns US 45$million and won Presidential medal of  freedom from President Barack Obama.In August 2008 Ellen got engaged with her 4 years of relationship with her girlfriend Portia de Rossi later in 2010 Portia alter her name to Portia Lee JamesDeGeneres. My question is even if Ellen can go against odd and make her dream into existence than why we make them feel that they should not be proud of what they are and i am proud of Ellen as she has entered in the World Pride Power List. 

They are not odd, our perception is.