Man came and abused but after all odd i fought a valiant war. If laxmi can, why not all?

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

She fighting all odd and has set an example by adopting two children and in a relationship with a man who is younger to her isn't it amazing? 

we completely adore her of what she is, been to UN in 2008 spoke about ,'People should be more human like. They should respect us as humans and consider our rights as transgenders," she said.

Journey of her to become activist

Tum yeh social work kar lo, mujhe toh mera makeup chahiye

I met Shabina Frances and became friends with her. She told me about the hijra culture. She promised to be my guru if I joined them. Shabina wanted to start an organisation for the betterment of their community. I gave her the money, but told her, 'Tum yeh social work kar lo, mujhe toh mera makeup chahiye.' Jab tak subah lipstick nahi lagayenge, din kaise shuru hoga?

During my college days, I was the only drag queen on campus. My professor used to tell me to get out of the class. He would say, 'Laxmi, you are not supposed to apply lipstick.' And I would say, 'Okay, bye bye.' At that time, I was very bad. I didn't respect anybody because people didn't respect me. But life taught me. I never thought I could be a social worker. But here I am today, fighting for our rights and the place we deserve in society. I am respected because of my work. And what I am, the Supreme Court has given its verdict on (the Supreme Court recently created the 'third gender' status for transgenders, said in an interview.

If they can excel why we make them to feel odd about themselves? 

Educate them to change. -Umbrellatalk