Two Late Legends Fear of Stigma, hide their identity.

They have made important contribution even in the face of societies that discriminate or pretend they do not exist. Between many legends Leonardo Da Vinci and Sally Ride were one of them.

Leonardo Da Vinci 

You must know him, he is a great artist, engineering, he has not only painted Monalisa but more than that drew helicopter, flying machines before wright brothers introduced it. But we cannot digest the idea that Leonardo Da Vinci made love to other men, hundred of years later Freud (psychotherapy) deduced Leonardo was homosexual. 
Leonardo was also interested in androgyny. In 'Virgin of Rocks' Includes an angel whose gender is impossible to determine. With his tremendous painting he was an impeccable man. He was such an angel neither masculine nor feminin but both.

Sally Ride

She was America first female astronaut and space shuttle Robotic arm operator. Although she was married to a man in mid 1980, by the time of her death in 2012 she had been in a 27 years of relationship with a female partner Tam o Shaughnessy, they had wrote few books together. Sally Ride science at the University of California, San Diego in quite possibly the most influencial  mover and shaker in the STEAM for girl science education movement in the nation. 

Why they have meant to not explore the world by who they are? just with the fear of rejection they hide their talents but still people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Sally Ride made astonishing change in the world.