A Gaily hindi voice behind Amarendra Baahubali ( Prabhas) is none other than Sharad Kelkar.

 A man behind  voice of Hindi version of Bahubali.

Bahubali: The Conclusion released only a few days back and has already shattered a box office record. The hindi version of S.S Rajmouli 'Bahubali:The Conclusion" has received amazing response all around the country. Many are already entice over Prabhas amazing screen work, here is one bollywood actor who gave voice to Prabhas it was none other than Sharad Kelkar, he is now part of an epic history making film. Otherwise he is the superhero in terms of dubbing. not only he has dubbed for tollywood but for hollywood too.

List of Dubbed movies by Sharad Kelkar will take you aback:
1.Dawn of the planet of apes
3.Guardian of Galaxy
5. X-Men apocalypse
6. Moana
7. XXX- Xander Cage
8. Bahubali- The Begining
9. Bahubali- The Conclusion

In one interview Sharad Kelkar said,  toughest scene was the war monologue where bahubali is supposed to help gaining morale of his sena, here it goes, "Kya hai mrityu?" took him 3 days to record. Sharad reveals that he had to dub the oath (which comes just before the interval in Bahubali 2) about 50 times. But all that effort was worth it in the end, what with some fans hailing him as the 'voice of India'.

"When I was in the theatre, people were clapping at the interval. And that line when he says, 'Jab tak tum mere saath ho mujhe maarne wala paida nahin hua, mama (As long as you are by my side, the man who can kill me is not yet born, uncle),' people were hugging me. Never thought my voice would get such attention."